Our Raison D’etire


India, its infrastructure development and construction industry

The recent years seen an explosive growth in the construction industry in India and this has been fueled by enhanced government spending and improved access to PE funding. Projects in India have been getting closer in size and quality to those seen globally and corporate India has eventually got down to prying open the enormous opportunity in infrastructure development and housing

As this absorbing saga continues to unravel itself, companies have had to evolve rapidly to take on the challenges that come with the opportunities beckoning them. In this changing scenario, large, well-established constructions companies have preferred to change the focus of their businesses to infrastructure ownership and by doing so have created an opportunity for the proliferation of a new genre of construction companies and niche service providers.

Leveraging the advantages of innovative new technologies, but eluding the limelight and glamour the gigantic projects that they have been a part of, these new entrants have become serious 'behind-the-scene' players who have been taking on the onerous task of translating the commitment of their large counterparts into the deliveries.

The booming opportunities have also upped the stakes of the large companies and thus the need for professional companies who can partner, innovate and willing to go that extra mile to help build precious buffers both in terms of time and the bottom-line have become imperative.

As a team, we take pride in the fact that we have stood out as an emerging star, providing the service described above the élan. Our commitment to the needs of our customers and our ability to understand them topically has been the reason of our being! It’s indeed Work with Passion